Time: 10am – approx. 4pm

Cost: £130


Course dates:

Sunday 9th October / Saturday 12th November

 Train to become an Acupressure Chair Massage Therapist in 1 day with Val Thatcher At the end of this acupressure chair massage course, you will be able to perform a stress relieving acupressure chair massage (also known as onsite or seated massage) on others. You will be a qualified practitioner, able to charge clients for this service.
Course Details The Acupressure Chair Massage Course is specifically designed for the back, shoulders, neck, scalp, arms and hands. It is an extremely popular therapy due to its versatility and convenience of not having to remove any clothing. Working on the pressure points of the upper body, this massage can be used in almost any setting, from the workplace to the shopping centre, even outdoors; hence it is also known as ‘On Site Chair Massage”. The massage movements and techniques can be adapted to suit your client. Furthermore, the length of time for treatment is flexible making it suitable longer sessions at a clinic or shorter in a workplace / festival setting.


Please contact Val Thatcher on 07979 853766 or  Val runs all Bristol area courses and has worked as a massage / reflexology practitioner for the last 7 years. Bookings for the course can be made through: