Train in Indian Head Massage with Val Thatcher At the end of this 1-day Indian head massage course you will be able to perform a relaxing and soothing Indian Head Massage on others. You could use it to practise on friends and family or incorporate it into your business as a service. Indian Head Massage is now a well¬-known and widely available therapeutic treatment that customers of all ages and backgrounds are seeking in addition to the more traditional body massages. Nearly all quality treatment rooms now offer this service as part of their treatment portfolio.




Time: 10am – approx. 5pm


Cost: £145


Course dates:

Saturday 8th October / Sunday 13th November.


Please contact Val Thatcher on 07979 853766 or


Val runs all Bristol area courses and has worked as a massage / reflexology practitioner for the last 7 years. Bookings for the course can be made through:

 Course Details This 1-day course is ideal for beginners with no massage experience or therapists looking to add this popular therapy to their existing practice. There is a detailed full practical demonstration for the entire class to observe which is broken down into smaller sections, making it easy to follow & learn. Val only runs small courses of up to 6 people which is necessary to give you individual attention and to respond fully to any questions you may have. They will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in this learning environment and you will be encouraged to communicate freely and openly in the class. There is an opportunity for practical application of your newly acquired skills and there is a practical test at the end to assess your new skills. As part of the training, you will practise an Indian head massage and receive one yourself.