Soul Healing & Soul Coaching Soul Healing is a very deep but gentle form of energetic healing that releases pain and illness at a very profound level. It can help those who want freedom from chronic or acute pain ranging from sports injuries to ME. Soul Healing can help release emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. A deeply relaxing and highly restorative experience it is also a wonderful way to simply switch off and recharge. Soul Healing can take the form of a Soul Reading. This is very helpful for anyone who is feeling stuck in their life, this is a reading of a person's aura or energetic body to help them understand their current situation, heal past wounds and explore possible futures. This is considered a healing reading and is not fortune telling. Soul Coaching is for those who want a total spiritual re-set. Rather than standard coaching which involves setting and reaching goals, Soul Coaching is a holistic approach, a detox for mind, body and soul that helps you declutter your inner and outer life. Soul Coaching is ideally taken as a five-week prgramme.
 Victoria Earle Victoria has spent the las 25 years studying and practicing many different types of healing systems after experiencing chronic back pain and depression in her twenties. Most recently she trained in Soul Healing, a gentle but very deep form of energetic healing that seeks to release the cause and as well as the symptoms of physical and/or emotional pain. Victoria is also a professionally trained Life and Business coach and a Soul Coaching practitioner. She has also founded and run two successful small businesses. Qualifications Soul Coaching Practitioner Certificate 2006 Diploma Neurolinguistic Programming 2006 Post graduate Certificate in Life and Business Coaching 2007 Soul Healing Practitioner Certificate 2018


How to book


To book an appointment or to have a chat please contact Victoria at or call 07523 098546. For more information visit her website at


Soul Healing

First session £55 for 90 minutes

Follow ups £45 for 1 hour,  £60 for 90 minutes


Soul Reading
£45 for 1 hour, £60 for 90 minutes


Packages are also available. Please call Victoria on 07523 098546 or email


Soul Coaching

Initial 20 minute chat: free (can be by phone or face to face)

First Session – £65 for 90 minutes

Follow up sessions £50 for 1 hour, £75 for 90 minutes


Packages are also available. Please call Victoria on 07523 098546 or email


Cancellation Policy


Please allow 24 hours to cancel your appointment or the full fee will be charged.