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Come and join Meesh Denny and Lara White in a day for YOU.

To rest, slow, find stillness and clarity in body and mind.

This day is perfect for you if:
*You experience daily tension in your body that hasn’t been eased through other body work modalities.
*You have a need to slow, rest and drop into stillness.
*You experience regular stress and/ or burnout.
*You’ve been doing some deep inner work and are looking for something to help you integrate.
*You’re a business owner who wants to step into a more focused level of Soul purpose and aligned action.
*You’re recovering from grief or trauma.
*You’re at a crossroads in your life and need some clarity on what to do next.
*You simply need a day for yourself, to rest and be held.

Whats included:
*Yin Yoga session, to drop your body into softness and release.
*One hands on Neuro- Energetic Bodywork session- Gentle light touch work on your spine and energy centres, to allow your body to drop tension and release and open.
*Guided meditations – To drop you into stillness and guide you into your own inner questions.
*Focused journal tasks to deepen your inner enquiry and allow you to gain clarity and ease moving forwards.
*Vocal sound healing- To integrate and allow your spirit to revive.
*A light lunch, teas, and snacks throughout the day.